Практическое аннотирование текста сказки “Три Поросенка”

Работая с научной, технической и иного рода литературой специалисту, особенно переводчику необходимо уметь кратко и быстро выделить основной смысл текста и произвести краткий конспект – аннотацию. Для того, чтобы овладения кратким кусом искусства аннотирования и реферирования предлагаем вам ознакомиться с данным примером сказки. Реферирование и аннотирование других видов текстов появятся вскоре в нашем разделе. 

Annotation (аннотирование) текста 

 ‘Three little Pigs’

Book: S.V.Mihalkov. ‘For children: Poems, stories, tales, fables, plays’.

(World literature for children, Tome 22, Book 3).

Publishing house ‘Children’s Literature’, Moscow, 1981.


 The book is devoted the tale about Wolf and three pigs who survived in the forest. Wolf wanted to eat pigs (and he would do it), but Third Pig broke his plans and saved brothers. It is also story about emotional domination of characters and pigs’ ability. The author gave review of willpower and cold intelligence of  Third Pig and a wiliness of Wolf.


 In according with a winter was coming one of the brothers offered to build a house for wintering. It was concluded to spend a lot of time and energy. The others brothers were too lazy and the offering was rejected. Their houses weren’t estimated on horrible weather. Wolf (The Big and Bad) was the danger number one in the forest. Wolf wasn’t expected to come. Houses of the younger brothers were examined by Wolf. He paid attention to how they were made and blew them easily.

The brothers found a protection in the house of the elder brother. A effort entering in the house were crashed and Wolf tried to tricked brothers. The question about entering the sheep in the house was considered by brothers and rejected. As a result of the reject Wolf climbed into the chimney and got awful scolds.

 It is important to mark when three pigs lived separately it was easy for them to be attacked by a predators as Wolf. The forest is a real life, the wolf is a bad gay (a man who is dishonest, evil, dangerous) the pigs are young people, who starts to live separate. It may be noted that people should make a right choice, stay close to family and use one’s mind. It was shown that just Third Pig’s house was solid, it and his willpower.

 Note about this version: Joseph Jacobs referenced one of the first print versions of the tale for his edition. The story appeared in:

 Halliwell, James Orchard. Popular Rhymes and Nursery Tales. London: John Russell Smith, 1849.

Данная заметка посвящена практическому аннотированию текста сказки “Три Поросенка”, переведенной на русский язык Сергеем Михалковым.

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