Топик посвящен теме «искусство и художники». Содержание топика: кто может решать, что такое искусство, и что такое произведение искусства, чем отличается традиционное искусство от классического, почему многие великие художники умерли нищими, по какому пути развития двигаются современные художники.

            Искусство –  способ коммуникации между нациями вне времени, самореализация человека в мире, способ объяснения человеческого бытия, природы.

 I have some words about the topic art and artists. I start with basic notions: What is the art, who can be real artist? What is different between traditional and contemporary art? Who can decide what the art is?

The real artist is one who gives to word new point of view, characters, different way for thinking.  It doesn’t matter in what century an artist lives, the real art is forever. The names of artists as LEONARDO DAVINCHI, VANGOG, EL GREK, PIKASO, RAFAEL, MIKELANDJELO people have known and remember for tens and centuries, because their works have been making us to admire and see expression of outward and inward of artists. The criterion of art is capability to bring on (вызвать) emotions other people. The art is a possibility, product which brings aesthetic satisfaction for people. That is way a public opinion can decide what the real art is and what the piece of art is.

Now days the contemporary art can be called any activities intent to creation any form of men’s satisfaction, including graffiti, tattoo, piercing, computer games, photo, plastic, paper and stuff sculptures and the other things. The traditional art is the philosophy, something between beauty and verity (истина) of the nature, human body.

 Now say some words: why many contemporary artists have dropped almost all previous ideas and why a lot of greatest artists died in poverty.

People have been making paintings and sculptures for thousands of years. It is not easy for contemporary artists to create something new, so it is time to experiment with materials, Medias (способами).  Of course any artist can be completely free to do whatever he likes, but question is, can he sell his piece of art. The Art Colleges seems not to teach young artists modern art, they teach them to create new ideas and think unconventionally. They are depend on consumer demand, they don’t work just for idea. Contemporary artist Daniel Hertz demonstrated idea of «life and death», which disturbed people consciousness and drawing attention to his works, it making people thought and perhaps got angry. Another contemporary artists as Mattis Vaisher, Genzgen Iza (Germany) don’t imitate previous famous masters they find their witty and provocative stile, they came up (вошли в моду) with something absolutely new.

Often traditional artists couldn’t earn their living because their pieces of art weren’t democratic (доступны людям), they were considered strange or revolutionary from the viewer’s perspective (с точки зрения зрителей) in that time. May be artists were daring and ignored art travels (художественные направления). Unfortunately, great painters as Van Gog and Botticelli have achieved international reputation just after death.

Sum of it, the message is:  The visual art is one of perfect form of person expression in the world. It creates different ways of understanding people’s existence, life and environment. The real artist tries to explain emotions, mood and feelings. The real art is the method of communication between cultures through ages. Many artists died in poverty, because they were  ahead of time (опережали время). Attention and money are exactly what want contemporary artists, they try to shock, but their works so popular with the public are often inanity.

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