Топик: “ZOOS”.

В топике “Зоопарки” мы рассматриваем вопросы о содержании  диких животных в неволе, плюсы и минусы зоопарков, альтернативные способы содержания. Задаем вопрос о необходимости зоопарков.

Данный топик будет полезен студентам первых курсов и школьникам.

We have the topic ‘ZOOS’.

1.First of all we should start talking about advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos. Advantages. Keeping of animals in zoos prevents them from starvation and early death. Zoos keep rare speсies from disappearing and predators. Many people who go to the zoo are content simply to experience wild animals at close quarters. A visit to the zoo is one fascination day-trip for all family. Children usually admire wild animals and it is great opportunity to get right impression and first -hand knowledge about them. Disadvantages. Often people forget the animals have been deprived of their natural environment or they are prisoners in tiny cages. The other problems are stayed out of side: keeping animals in huge conditions doesn’t allow them move freely, hunt, breed.

 2. Now we say some words about publish perception and animals right activitiesZoos also suffer from the fact that the public perception of them is largely based on ignorance and continue their rich-quick philosophy. But not all, several British zoos have the offer – they invite people to become a Zookeeper for a day to care about birds, predators, mammals and enquire more about their problems. The animals right activities raise serious questions about the justification of keeping animals in captivity, extension of the need for zoos to exist. But zoos haven’t presented their case very well.
3. Now pay your attention to the problem of word ZOO and we mention some alternatives to traditional keeping. The word Zoo is itself a problem. Usually ordinary zoos cannot give good conditions of keeping animals, specially roadside zoos. But we know some good examples. 1.Colchester and Paington Zoos in British learn people care about animals, we  have told about a Zookeeper for one day. This politic brings to zoos money for conservation species programs. We should mention about Gerald Durrell’s Jersey Zoo it is a good example of current trend. The animals have a freedom on the large outdoor, grassy enclosure covering nearly 2.000 square meters. The best is keeping animals in safari parks, it is a simple concept for the animals and visitors -showing the animals in an authentic setting.

4. Finally we tray to give the estimate of the question “Should zoos exist?In our days there are more disadvantages of keeping wild animals in zoos in big cities then advantages. In our opinion this kind of zoos should be closed. The documental films and discovery TW programs about animal’s word can give us exhaustive knowledge. Quite a different story when we tell about safari parks and reservation places as Kruger National Park in South Africa, Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania, Kakadu National Park in Australia and others. The nature created the best conditions for animal’s life, where people can see animals in peaceful and naturalistic setting.


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